Predator P3 / 314-3 / Z3 + Case

Price: 1050 €

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A very new Predator P3 B LL with Metro Hard Case 2 / 4. The set is completed either by an absolutely new predator 314-3 or a played predator Z3 in a very good condition.

The P3 B LL has a leather grip strap and currently costs EUR 1175 with 314-3 in the Beckmann Billiard online shop. The one that I am offering here has been played three times and is absolutely in new condition (314-3 shaft, butt and also the METRO case) and is intended to cost only 1050 euros as a package.

If you prefer to have the Z3 in addition to or instead of the 314-3, this is also not a problem. Just talk to me and I'll name you the total price for whatever package you choose to buy.

Technical Data
  • Gewicht P3: 406 g / 14,3 oz
  • Gewicht 314-3: 114 g / 4,0 oz
  • Gewicht Z3: 114 g / 4,0 oz
  • Durchmesser Ferrule 314-3: 12,75 mm
  • Durchmesser Ferrule Z3: 11,8 mm
  • Leder 314-3: Predator Victory
  • Leder Z3: Kamui Clear S
  • Joint: Uni-Loc
  • Tasche: Predator Metro 2x4

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Terms: Guarantee, warranty or withdrawal excluded as this is a private sale.
Logistics: In addition to the possibility of shipping, you can also pick up the cue yourself in Willich, Krefeld or Mönchengladbach. This will allow you to take a closer look and test the cue at a 9ft table. With a somewhat longer lead time, a handover in Berlin is also possible. Transfer, cash or PayPal are all possible methods of payment.