More Cues

Hello, Friend of Billiards!

Welcome to my official, loosely maintained and irregularly updated collection of fine Billiard Cues. You will find here mostly regular Pool Billiard playing cues, but also some Snooker cues, Break and Jump cues.

Enjoy the read, have a look at some beautiful cues and reach out to me if you want to buy, sell or just talk about cues.

*** New: Highlights *** — There is now a new section with regularly updated Highlights. These are cues and other objects that I find particularly interesting with regards to their price, quality or rarity. These contents are being updated once a fortnight.

P.S.: My mission with this website and my collection is really simple: I search and collect interesting cues that are no longer played and make them available to folks who are looking for a different or better cue than they currently play. What happens a lot, is that I find pretty much exactly what people are looking for. So also feel free to task me with finding the cue that you desire in case you cannot immediately find a good match in my collection.

Also, please make sure to revisit this page regularly as I keep updating the contents with newly arrived beauties.

Closing note: Cue descriptions are being translated into English step by step now. Stay tuned!