Mezz WX700 United

Price: 110 €

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On behalf of a befriended billiard player I offer a very well-preserved Mezz WX700 with Kamui Clear Medium tip. The diameter of the ferrule is approx. 12.4 mm, but will be measured again exactly and then updated here, just like the weight.

Technical Data
  • Gewicht: Wird noch gewogen
  • Durchmesser Ferrule: 12,4 mm geschätzt (wird noch nachgemessen)
  • Joint: United
  • Leder: Kamui Clear M

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Terms: Guarantee, warranty or withdrawal excluded as this is a private sale.
Logistics: In addition to the possibility of shipping, you can also pick up the cue yourself in Willich, Krefeld or Mönchengladbach. This will allow you to take a closer look and test the cue at a 9ft table. With a somewhat longer lead time, a handover in Berlin is also possible. Transfer, cash or PayPal are all possible methods of payment.