Meucci Purple Heart Radial

Price: 270 €

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I offer you a practically unplayed Meucci Purple Heart butt from my collection. Beautiful color and in great condition. Unuseual for Meucci: It has a radial pin. This was ordered as a special production directly from Meucci and is therefore not normally commercially available in Germany or Europe. You can lose many words over different thread types without too much learning value. My opinion is that a 3/8-10 or just a radial (i.e. 3/8-7,5) allows the best and most stable connection between butt and shaft. If you are looking for a suitable radial shaft, please also look into my further ads and look for a Predator Z3 Radial 10.4mm. But of course, both are also sold individually.

Technical Data
  • Gewicht: 458 g / 16,2 oz
  • Länge: 73,5 cm
  • Joint: Radial

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Terms: Guarantee, warranty or withdrawal excluded as this is a private sale.
Logistics: In addition to the possibility of shipping, you can also pick up the cue yourself in Willich, Krefeld or Mönchengladbach. This will allow you to take a closer look and test the cue at a 9ft table. With a somewhat longer lead time, a handover in Berlin is also possible. Transfer, cash or PayPal are all possible methods of payment.